DLP Ultra Short Throw Projector

Tiny space. Giant screen.

Forget everything you know about the space needed to light up a big screen. Projection is taking a new direction with ultra short throw projectors powered by DLP technology.
What is ultra short throw? It’s a new advancement in projection which allows a DLP projector to light up a big screen (70 inches or more), from only inches away from the screen surface. Gone are the days of walking in front of the projector light and blocking the image on the screen. With an ultra short throw DLP projector you can have an amazing, bright and colorful big screen without managing messy cables or trying to find the “right spot” for the projector in the back of the room.

short throw DLP projector vs projector standart

How does it work?

Ultra-short throw DLP projectors use a sophisticated optical system, coupled with the innovative DLP imaging chip to projector large images in small areas. Whether you need a big screen for teaching, business or just for entertainment, an ultra short throw DLP projector minimizes set up time and allows plenty of space to spare.
When you are looking for your next projector, make sure it is powered by DLP image technology and ask about ultra short throw system. It’s the newest way to make a huge image in even the smallest of spaces.

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